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Dec 8, 2012 10:00am EST
of a productive relationship between our two sides. we look forward to working with the new chinese government, just as president obama has been re-elected. >> richard, the chinese leadership is now in place. give us a rundown on who they are and what should we expect here. >> i think the basic point of the leadership transition we've just seen has been very steady and stable. that's an achievement of itself. i mean, china still is in the early stages of institution building or finding an institutional mechanism for transference of leadership and the like. it was a conservative change in this respect. i mean, i don't want to break up individuals on the politburo standing committee into reformers and conservatives, because that's the kind of very rubbery terms. it's like putting a black hat or a white hat on somebody's head. it seemed to be very much leaning towards seniority. i think the new fourth-ranked person, party secretary yu from shanghai, 67 years old, which is really the age when you should retiring rather than being elevated. two people have been most active and outspoken, i guess, i
Dec 8, 2012 2:00pm EST
in national efficiency that has been brought about by technology and the new fuel efficiency standards that were enacted by the bush administration and were increased by the obama administration. the report is not political in any way shape or form. it endorses things that are supported by the right in some cases and that are supported by people on the left. you cannot just take the parts that you like. you have to take the holistic approach, to maximize u.s. production and to reduce consumption partly by diversifying our transportation sector away from petroleum. the last thing i will say is that petroleum use in transportation is the pivot point of this entire problem. 70% of our use of petroleum in this country is for transportation. transportation is fueled about 93% of the time by petroleum. if you want to reduce the united states' dependence on imported petroleum and the related geopolitical issues, particularly in an issue when rising demand is creating a potential conflict for these resources, then you have to recognize transportation has to be diversified away from petroleum o
Dec 9, 2012 2:00pm EST
systems from future storms. as president obama has said, we must act and we must rebuild. when you consider the fact the new york metropolitan region completely shut down without an eta and our region makes up 11% of our country's gdp, this is clearly much more than a new york issue eight or -- or new york beat. this is a national issue and we need help with the federal government to rebuild the mta. thank you very much for this opportunity and i look forward to your questions. [inaudible] this thread sue our entire economy. thank you very much. you are the executive director of the port authority in new york and new jersey. we will hear from you about the port authority's efforts to recover damage to the authorities damage tunnels, trains and port. i take a moment to remind you that i was a commissioner of the port authority before i came here and actually, i was driven to my interest here as a result of the traffic co. i was running, a very large company, and we had vehicles crossing the river and they took longer and longer and longer to get to the destination and backed and wer
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3